Cloud or Data Center? –The discussion is never ending! Some prefer data center for their traditional benefits while other choose cloud which sounds “cool” and is more modern. Whether it is the cost, popularity, capacity, workload or security there is certain disparity between the two. Now, when it comes to security which is the serious concern for most of the businesses and organizations, every company wants to choose a better option which offers an end-to-end security for their business.


Internet security has always been a matter of apprehension for everybody and thus computer savvy people try and test different ways out to make Internet environment safe and secure. When it comes to data security and information safety people become a bit more cautious. Although both the ventures, cloud computing and data center offer strong security, the world always need the stronger safety which can fulfill their future requirements too. Clouds are no doubt secured and good to use if your business doesn’t have to deal with a confidential data, but cloud lacks that high-end security and defense for the sensitive data and confidential information; thus, is not the best bet for the heath care organizations, banking and e-commerce sites or businesses

The reason behind this is the vast network and colossal reign of the cloud. Its presence is not just limited to an area or a country, it is spread all over the world. The major action cloud services take is to ensure accessibility as well as availability of the data or information via replication and distribution over the internet ventures; this is where the security starts to break and leak and causes a threat to the confidential and classified information. On the other hand, the data centers are much more secure as you have your own control over your business and all the information. Unlike cloud, everything can be monitored by you and data is neither shared nor replicated over the wireless world –the internet.

A data center drives the entire information to the local server – which ensures the high-end security and make data safe.

Bottom Line:

With the security issues with cloud service; the providers are working out ways to safeguard their clouds for their clientele and customers. Certain services like Amazon Cloud Computing Services help in strengthening cloud and preventing the business from thefts like spamming and hacking. These security threats are important to deal with and drub to ensure an easy, effective, safe and secured working of the organization.

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