Businesses today, are much more complex and intricate than they used to be a decade ago. Also, today’s businesses handle a lot of confidential and sensitive information in their business processes, for instance an E-commerce website protects credit card numbers of their customers, health care business shields HIPAA information, a university / college protects the students’ roll numbers and a banking site safeguards sensitive account numbers. In all such cases there rise the need for something which can protect all the sensitive data for the businesses and can be retrieved whenever they require it.

What’s The Solution?

When businesses need a solution for safeguarding the sensitive data and information then nothing plays a better role than ‘Cloud Computing’. Cloud computing is a valiant system that handles the confidential data with utmost responsibility and bestows extreme security on the complex businesses. To understand it in a simpler way –when you use Google drive, Apple iCloud, or Amazon cloud drive –you are actually using your hands on Cloud Computing!

Cloud is not a clandestine that has got out of the covers today; in fact, many smart business founders have been using it for years, and rely on and recommend it to every other business which needs to keep the information safe and secure.

Data Security & Disaster Recovery

No doubt, it provides high end security to your business and beyond, but there is a broad set of technologies, policies, and controls deployed to safeguard information, data, applications, and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing itself; this is known as ‘Cloud security’. It is the best method to safeguard your drives and data. With cloud security, you don’t get only one, but a double layer of security, and it’s like locking the vault perfectly then dead bolting the main door too!


Now, let’s briefly discuss the role of cloud computing in disaster recovery:

You have read much about data security that none of your data or sensitive information can get debilitated if you use cloud. But cloud computing plays a pre-eminent and an effective role in disaster recovery too. With Cloud, businesses have redundancies and proper security in place to carry out operations easy and unaffected even at the time of any mishap, accident or data loss as their data is not “really lost”!

Cloud is a Treat for Businesses!

Cloud Computing is beyond safety of data! And there is yet another reason why businesses love cloud that is known as “referral benefit”.

A referral benefit can be defined as the real perk that certain cloud computing service providers such as ‘COLOpeople’ offer –in which the businesses may refer the company’s cloud services to the needy individuals or other businesses which may require cloud sooner or later, at a small or a large level!

The cloud services referral schemes provided by COLOpeople and other such companies can lend a hand to the enterprises to enjoy more benefits of the cloud than just data security, and run a strong, smooth and sustainable commercial empire while enjoying extra profits of Cloud!


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