Costing and Utility of Collocation!

We assume that you are aware of the fact why serving hosting is needed and what is the role of collocation centers in helping you to achieve it. Yet, we shall begin with a small introduction to what, where and why about the collocation.

Collocation Centre: More popular as a data center, it is a place that has large facilities to store, monitor and host data. A colo offers equipment, space, and bandwidth to the retail customers on a rental basis. It has arrangements for powering, cooling and securing the large equipment that stores the sensitive and confidential information of the business organizations. Once the rental is paid, no additional charges are to be borne by the organization.


Now that we are aware of what, where and why these collocation centers have gained so much importance, let us discuss about the cost that is incurred while taking these services.

Cheap Collocation: As the storage, recording, and sharing of data or rather any form of information have shifted from pen & paper to telecommunications and electronic mails, more and more utility of data centers has come up. Almost every organization needs to connect to a telecommunications and network service provider at the minimum possible cost and least possible complexity. This has become challenging for the data centers and has created an onset of competition where a few of them are offering world class services at very cheap collocation rates.

Hoping that you have gained an idea how cheap collocation is readily available today, you might now be wondering how to get it for yourself.

Contacting Collocation Centers: Many a trusted websites with client reviews are available on the internet to get you acquainted with the collocation center facilities and pricing rates locked in. They ensure that ensures that your needs are met with top tier, strategically located, secure and carrier neutral data centers facilities, that too at the most affordable prices so that none of you are at loss.

cheap collocation
Cheap Collocation

Once the contract is finalized with the collocation center, you might be wondering as to how you can keep a track of the website.

Checking Website: Rental payment for the server hosting grants you a specific IP that corresponds to the website. It grants you remote access to the website from where you can check the activities on the website, connect with your prospective clients or customers, store information such as customer data & product data, record the engagements and analyze the market trends. In case you encounter any problem related to the server, the collocation center is responsible for resolving the issue at the earliest.

So, if you are building up a new organization or you are looking for a change in the way you have been storing your information, collocation might be good for you. You can expand and revise your contract as and when it is needed.


Colopeople Helps You Find the Right and Best Datacenters, Cloud Services, and Colocation Centers In The US and Europe and India!

It would definitely not be an overstatement that Datacenters, Cloud Services & Colocation Centers are the heart of an organization. They are vital and used by numerous companies throughout the world. Datacenters are basically centralized closets or rooms, equipped with computing resources and crucial telecommunications for a company’s storage, processing, and distribution of large amounts of data, and server information. In large companies, there are also internal Datacenters, Cloud Services & Colocation Centers that take up the entire floors and sometimes the bulk of the building.

The availability of Datacenters, Cloud Services & Colocation Centers is crucial for smooth functioning of a business. They control communication, traffic, security, product Internet postings, and the physical integrity of an organization. A Datacenters, Cloud Service & Colocation Center influences the entire online infrastructure of a company. Well, having an in-house Datacenters, Cloud Service & Colocation Center can be extremely expensive and might not be reasonably affordable or make sense for every business. So, it is generally far better to outsource the Datacenters, Cloud Services & Colocation Centers.


What is the value of Outsourcing? How is it beneficial to you?

Datacenters, Cloud Service & Colocation Center outsourcing or DCO is a multiyear, annuity contract, or relationship that involves the day-to-day management of your servers or host platforms. This includes distributed servers and storage. The services offered by the third party data center operators include both professional services and product support, as related to the ongoing management of computing and storage resources.

The several benefits of outsourcing Datacenters, Cloud Services & Colocation Centers are as follows:-

  • Time Effectiveness – According to a study, the average recovery time for an internal Datacenters, Cloud Service or Colocation Center outage is 134 minutes with damage costs averaging approximately $68,000. By having your Outsourced, you are able to avoid downtime and subsequent financial losses and potential penalties.
  • Cost Effectiveness – You can reduce your power cost by 40 to 60 percent by outsourcing your Datacenters, Cloud Services & Colocation Centers.
  • Tax Relaxation – When you take services of a third party Datacenter operator, you are relieved from personal property taxes on IT gear, sales tax breaks, tax benefits for job creation and a variety of additional elements.
  • Speed – Building a completely new Datacenter, Cloud Service &/or Colocation Center or upgrading your existing one can take up a lot of time. So, it is better to simply outsource the Datacenter in order to reduce the time to occupancy.

If we talk about states in US like New York, it can be difficult to locate data centers that exactly meet your specific business, and IT needs. This is where the role of COLOpeople kicks in. COLOpeople is provides amazing valuable assistance in helping businesses find the right Datacenters, Cloud Services & Colocation Centers. The service provider is having access to a wide variety ofUS and Europe and India Datacenters, Cloud Services& Colocation Center facilities.

If you looking for a reliable and efficient data centre for your business hosting, you are the perfect place. COLOpeople offers:-

  • Datacenters
  • Partial Cabs and Racks
  • Full Cabinets
  • Private Cages and Suites
  • Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Bare Metal Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • Disaster Recovery and DRaaS
  • Vertical Services

Contact COLOpeople and find a Datacenter, Cloud Service &/or Colocation Center that best meets your requirement and budget in US and Europe and/or India.


Parameters That Make Cloud More Secure Than Legacy IT Systems

Cloud has really taken the world miles forth in terms of advancement, technology, data storage and bandwidth. But when it comes to security people generally doubt its distinction. The reasons can be many, however, all are myths. Cloud is much more secured and safe than any traditional IT system for any sensitive data or information.

cloud service referral

Let’s unveil which factors make cloud more secure than the legacy IT systems:

  • Strong Implementation & Surveillance

The traditional IT system security could be unreliable; it was tough to be implemented as well. Those systems included three things: the terminal, the workstation and the browser; there was no extended security application. Thus, the legacy systems were more prone to hacking and crime. Therefore, the cloud services came into existence so as to bestow better infrastructure as well as backup and recovery services. This makes cloud much less vulnerable to hackers.

  • Controlled Access

Data can be stored and navigated over off-site platforms through cloud; when the entire data is stored off-site in the Cloud, all the staff, vendors and visitors are not physically combined or associated to the company’s mission-critical data. This physical blocking makes it difficult for the third parties to stagger across data or information so as to use it negatively. In a nutshell: when the businesses use cloud, the amount of human risk decreases.

  • Thorough and Frequent Auditing

Cyber Security Providers undergo yearly audits in order to protect the sensitive data or confidential information from the flaws in their security systems. Cloud can be a great companion for this purpose. Moreover, the legacy systems can be tough to update, especially as they grow alongside the commercial organization. Conversely, clouds are much easier to be updated or expanded.

Beyond all, the Cloud infrastructure is monitored by the CSEs at all times; this quintessential process helps head off potential security threats and make the system more secure. So, take up a Cloud service from a reliable source which also allows for cloud service referral to safeguard your data while helping you make a fortune at the same time, and enjoy a safer and better process!

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The Basic Difference Between Cloud Security & Data Center Security.

Cloud or Data Center? –The discussion is never ending! Some prefer data center for their traditional benefits while other choose cloud which sounds “cool” and is more modern. Whether it is the cost, popularity, capacity, workload or security there is certain disparity between the two. Now, when it comes to security which is the serious concern for most of the businesses and organizations, every company wants to choose a better option which offers an end-to-end security for their business.


Internet security has always been a matter of apprehension for everybody and thus computer savvy people try and test different ways out to make Internet environment safe and secure. When it comes to data security and information safety people become a bit more cautious. Although both the ventures, cloud computing and data center offer strong security, the world always need the stronger safety which can fulfill their future requirements too. Clouds are no doubt secured and good to use if your business doesn’t have to deal with a confidential data, but cloud lacks that high-end security and defense for the sensitive data and confidential information; thus, is not the best bet for the heath care organizations, banking and e-commerce sites or businesses

The reason behind this is the vast network and colossal reign of the cloud. Its presence is not just limited to an area or a country, it is spread all over the world. The major action cloud services take is to ensure accessibility as well as availability of the data or information via replication and distribution over the internet ventures; this is where the security starts to break and leak and causes a threat to the confidential and classified information. On the other hand, the data centers are much more secure as you have your own control over your business and all the information. Unlike cloud, everything can be monitored by you and data is neither shared nor replicated over the wireless world –the internet.

A data center drives the entire information to the local server – which ensures the high-end security and make data safe.

Bottom Line:

With the security issues with cloud service; the providers are working out ways to safeguard their clouds for their clientele and customers. Certain services like Amazon Cloud Computing Services help in strengthening cloud and preventing the business from thefts like spamming and hacking. These security threats are important to deal with and drub to ensure an easy, effective, safe and secured working of the organization.

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Cloud Computing –Your One Stop Solution for Data Security!

Businesses today, are much more complex and intricate than they used to be a decade ago. Also, today’s businesses handle a lot of confidential and sensitive information in their business processes, for instance an E-commerce website protects credit card numbers of their customers, health care business shields HIPAA information, a university / college protects the students’ roll numbers and a banking site safeguards sensitive account numbers. In all such cases there rise the need for something which can protect all the sensitive data for the businesses and can be retrieved whenever they require it.

What’s The Solution?

When businesses need a solution for safeguarding the sensitive data and information then nothing plays a better role than ‘Cloud Computing’. Cloud computing is a valiant system that handles the confidential data with utmost responsibility and bestows extreme security on the complex businesses. To understand it in a simpler way –when you use Google drive, Apple iCloud, or Amazon cloud drive –you are actually using your hands on Cloud Computing!

Cloud is not a clandestine that has got out of the covers today; in fact, many smart business founders have been using it for years, and rely on and recommend it to every other business which needs to keep the information safe and secure.

Data Security & Disaster Recovery

No doubt, it provides high end security to your business and beyond, but there is a broad set of technologies, policies, and controls deployed to safeguard information, data, applications, and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing itself; this is known as ‘Cloud security’. It is the best method to safeguard your drives and data. With cloud security, you don’t get only one, but a double layer of security, and it’s like locking the vault perfectly then dead bolting the main door too!


Now, let’s briefly discuss the role of cloud computing in disaster recovery:

You have read much about data security that none of your data or sensitive information can get debilitated if you use cloud. But cloud computing plays a pre-eminent and an effective role in disaster recovery too. With Cloud, businesses have redundancies and proper security in place to carry out operations easy and unaffected even at the time of any mishap, accident or data loss as their data is not “really lost”!

Cloud is a Treat for Businesses!

Cloud Computing is beyond safety of data! And there is yet another reason why businesses love cloud that is known as “referral benefit”.

A referral benefit can be defined as the real perk that certain cloud computing service providers such as ‘COLOpeople’ offer –in which the businesses may refer the company’s cloud services to the needy individuals or other businesses which may require cloud sooner or later, at a small or a large level!

The cloud services referral schemes provided by COLOpeople and other such companies can lend a hand to the enterprises to enjoy more benefits of the cloud than just data security, and run a strong, smooth and sustainable commercial empire while enjoying extra profits of Cloud!